New Study Finds 15.5% of People Have Used a Sex Robot


Sex robots are becoming more popular than ever before according to a new survey completed by SexualAlpha. They recently conducted a study of 1,729 individuals, with 15.5% having either engaged in sexual acts with or outright owns a sex robot (otherwise known as a love robot that has some type of interactive capabilities, such as simulated speech or movement).

The survey also shows that more people would prefer the use of a sex robot than invite another human for a casual rendezvous.

 Out of the two separate surveys completed, the first asked 1,563 individuals a series of questions about their general thoughts towards sex robots. The second survey asked 1,729 people about their personal experiences and encounters with sex robots.

 Some of the findings included:

52.2% of people believe that sex robots will reduce instances of sexual assault in the future. A similar number (51.5%) found that the problem of people being sexually objectified would become worse.

50.7% of people think it’s possible to form genuine romantic attachments to sex robots. And 41.9% of individuals said they would have a threesome with a sex robot and their partner if the opportunity were to arise.

Lastly, almost everyone has heard of talking sex robots. Only 9.3% of the people surveyed said they had never heard of one before.

The full survey results can be found at:


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