Newlywed Couple Set Themselves on Fire


During their wedding, a bride and groom heated things up by setting themselves on fire. The couple, both professional stunt doubles, wanted to add an extra spark by making their wedding one to remember.

Ambyr Mishelle and her new husband, Gabe Jessop, were filmed as they set fire to their backs and made the slow journey to their friends and family. The flames were quickly put out by awaiting fire extinguishers as their guests cheered along in awe.

The groom posted a video on his Instagram of the pair carefully walking toward their wedding photographer. The caption read: “May the fire burn in our hearts for the rest of our lives.”

The video has gone viral with many people sending their congratulations to the couple. Several people have since commented on the video from all around the world.

One person wrote: “Don’t know how you two managed to keep your cool at work with that kind of fire going on. Congratulations!!!”

Another inquisitive user added: “Honest question though, did her hair burn at all?!”

This isn’t the first time the happy couple has been on fire before. As professional stunt doubles, the newlyweds have worked on multiple projects like Yellowstone and Hereditary.


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