No Man? A Woman Gets Married To Herself


The struggles of dating for a long-term relationship can feel frustrating. Dates are relatively easy to land with the emergence of dating apps but locking down a quality match can still be a daunting challenge.

One woman bypassed the struggles of dating and found comfort in her own company. Self-love takes on a new meaning with India’s first-ever ‘sologamy’. Kshama Bindu, a 24-year-old woman from Gujarat, breaks traditional norms by tying the knot to herself.

It was a private ceremony with no priest present to officiate the wedding. Priests are still conservative with their wedding rituals and even though Bindu preferred a traditional Hindi ceremony, that desire was not possible. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sunita Shukla prohibited the wedding at a temple because the Hindu religion does not recognize the practice of marrying oneself.

Whether it was accepted in religion or not, nothing stopped Bindu from taking the plunge. She posted on social media, “I had this idea in my mind for a long but didn’t think it’d be possible. Then I read about sologamy. That’s when I thought let’s marry myself: Kshama Bindu.”

Bindu is a progressive woman who believes that “self-marriage is a commitment that you make to yourself, and it comes with unconditional love for self.” Every form of love begins with a solid foundation of self-love. You can never pour from an empty cup, and she decided that sologamy is the way to go.

After the wedding, Bindu was evicted from her apartment where the wedding occurred.

Not all hope is lost as she remains optimistic. The eviction paved the way for her independent honeymoon plans in Goa.

The best part of sologamy? You never have to get a divorce.


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