Non-Native Snake Found in Bathroom of Business

It’s certainly not every day that a snake is found inside a business in New Hampshire. When most people think of the slithering animal, Florida often comes to mind. Authorities in the New England state were called to a local business after a non-native species of snake was found in the bathroom.

The Littleton Police Department wrote about the incident in a Facebook post. They reported that officers along with a New Hampshire Fish and Game officer responded to the unidentified business in Littleton when workers discovered a snake loose in the bathroom.

Credit: Littleton Police Department

“This guy was found loose in a bathroom in a building on Meadow Street We believe he may be someone’s pet that possibly escaped his home. Please contact us if you are missing your pet snake,” the post read.

The snake is believed to be a Gopher Snake, which is not native to the New Hampshire area. Police are asking those in the area missing a pet snake to contact the department for a safe return.