Noodles With a Side of Raspberry Ice Cream


People on the internet like to experiment with food and share their creations online. Sometimes they work but most of the time, the final result is not very appetizing. Some ingredients are better left apart.

Instagram user RJ Rohan has been showing off weird food creations he discovers. A recent post he shared was of a man experimenting with the brand Maggi, which is an international brand of seasonings, instant soups, and noodles. His creation involved making Maggi noodles served with raspberry ice cream.

The ingredient list is rather simple. All you need to do is make Maggi as usual and simply add a scoop of raspberry ice cream once it’s cooked. This roadside vendor really added some special touches by using a raspberry-flavored ice cream stick and a dash of cheese on top, serving the final product in an edible cone.

As expected, people were not impressed by this unusual food combination. Many thought it should never see the light of day. One user wrote: “RIP original flavor of Maggie.”

Another person commented: “Creativity is on peak level.”


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