North Carolina Man Removes Bucket From Deer’s Head

Even animals need some assistance to get out of a sticky situation every once in a while. A North Carolina man rescued a deer that was spotted wandering around his neighborhood with a bucket stuck over its head.

Kevin McHugh, as well as a handful of other neighbors, pursued the deer that was seen wandering around their neighborhood with a bucket stuck on its head with the hopes of helping the animal.

“It was just running for its life — smashing into everything in front of it and totally blind,” McHugh said. “Hopping around because it couldn’t see — and thought it was in the dark. It was like a zombie movie, it was really terrifying.”

McHugh was finally able to get close enough to pull the bucket from the deer’s head and said that it was a pretty frightening experience. “It was terrifying,” McHugh said. “If I didn’t have my adrenaline going the whole time, I would’ve probably run from the deer instead of going toward the deer.”

He added: “The only thing I thought to do was try to wrestle the bucket off its head. And I succeeded.”