Not Enough Salt? Try This Bowl


A bland dish can be satiating for the taste buds with a sprinkle of salt. Japanese researchers have introduced innovative smart kitchenware that operates on electricity to make food saltier without adding the actual ingredient.

People who dump generous amounts of salt are cautioned about the negative health implications of a high sodium intake such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. We are guilty of leaving those concerns on the back burner while indulging in salty meals for instant gratification. Scientists at Meiji University and developers Kirin Holdings have been exploring solutions where people can enjoy the salt guilt-free.

A smart spoon and bowl called Erekisoruto is the latest invention with a built-in battery. Customers no longer have to worry about locating the nearest outlet to use the device. You can even dine on the toilet should you choose to do so.

News reports indicate that the new smart spoon and bowl can make food taste 1.5 times saltier, which is great for the savoury food lover. They don’t have to be concerned about the sodium levels in the dish. The smart utensils are expected to hit the Japanese market early next year.

Enjoy your savoury meals with this kitchenware. No need to fret about the next doctor’s trip.


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