Not So Special Sauce


Submarine sandwiches are a yummy treat that you can customize to your liking. A university student is now turned off of the sandwiches for good when she received an unwelcome topping at an East Lansing, Michigan, Subway.

Kelsey Coyne posted a TikTok about her experience with the submarine sandwich chain, claiming her sandwich had feces in it. That’s definitely not a topping on Subway’s menu.

She explained more in a follow up video. “There is feces. We are not sure if it’s human or dog,” Coyne said. “That’s not chocolate, I know that for sure.”

She added: “The smell from it was so bad, I was gagging from remembering it. It was on the paper around it, but it was mushy.”

Coyne called the East Lansing police who are currently investigating the situation. She also filed an online complaint and called Subway’s head office, only to be told she would have to wait for someone to reach out to her regarding the complaint.

After looking at the security footage, both the owner of the Subway restaurant and police say there is nothing to suggest that the food had feces in it. They also mentioned that it might have been sauce that got burnt after toasting.