Nude Woman Browses for Books in Hong Kong Library

The books in the library may have had illustrative covers but a guest in the library felt she didn’t need to cover up to stroll the aisles.

A viral four-second video reveals a nude woman scanning the books in a library with nothing on her body beside a face mask. She has received backlash from people online for her inappropriate nudity and police officers are trying to track down the woman.

The nudity was witnessed in the Central Library in Hong Kong and people shamed the lady for her poor ethics, “Where have traditional moral ethics gone?” someone wrote. While another added: “What is with people in Hong Kong? Is it the fault of the education system or society?”

Credit: SCMP

People were discussing whether the woman flashed her body for the money and others pressed for law enforcement to identify the woman promptly and enforce the punishment.

A spokesperson from Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced that they were unaware of when the recording took place, but the issue has been reported to the authorities.

The nude woman’s favorite genre may have been mystery as she keeps an entire crowd in suspense about her identity and whereabouts.