Officers Called After ‘Stray Lion’ Spotted


Armed guards were called when they received reports of a stray lion being in the area. After a little investigation, it turns out there wasn’t actually a stray lion on the loose, but rather a shopping bag left behind.

A farm hand near Mount Kenya National Park first spotted the bag and mistook it for a lion, raising the alarm immediately to warn people in the area. Three armed wildlife officers arrived on the scene, shortly realizing it wasn’t actually a vicious beast they were dealing with.

Instead, it was a bag with a lion’s face on it full of avocado seedlings. The bag and seedlings had been placed in the hedge by the owner of the home to stop them from drying out, which created the illusion of a lion hiding in the grass.

At the time, the homeowner wasn’t home, but when she did arrive, she was warned there was a stray lion around and told to enter the property from the back. The woman didn’t put two and two together and that the officers were actually talking about her bag.

The bag was only discovered since it was placed directly below a window. Once they opened the window, they noticed that the lion didn’t actually have a body.

The Kenyan Wildlife Service posted the hilarious encounter in a thread on Twitter. Their statement read: “In an interesting turn of events, we received numerous reports from locals at Kiangua location, Meru County of a lion hiding in a hedge KWS Meru team swiftly rushed to scene in a bid to mitigate a possible Human Wildlife Conflict case.

“On arrival, KWS rangers were astonished to find out that the ‘alleged lion’ was a lion printed carrier bag. Despite this being a false alarm, we laud the public for raising an alarm in order to mitigate a possible conflict.”

They encouraged residents to call their hotline when reporting any wildlife emergency.


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