Olympic Gold Medalist Mistaken for a Child


As an Olympian with a household name and four gold medals, it’s shocking that this gymnast got mistaken for a child on a flight.

Simone Biles was on a plane when a flight attendant offered her a coloring book to use during the flight. Biles response? “I’m 25.” Biles does have a 4’8 frame and if the flight attendant doesn’t watch the Olympics, it could have maybe been an honest mistake. One that would probably result in most people hitting themselves once they realized who Biles was.

The gymnast shared her hilarious story on her Instagram Stories. She made sure to include the caption “Not the flight attendant trying to give me a coloring book when I board…..I said ‘no I’m good I’m 25.'”

Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram

Apparently, despite being a four-time Olympic gold medalist and a 19-time World Champion, Biles can still fly under the radar. Even more recently, the gymnast was presented with the 2022 Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden.

The White House said that Biles was honored with the medal not only for her athletic prowess but for her advocacy for “[athletes’] mental health and safety, children in the foster care system and victims of sexual assault.”

What we’d like to know is which airline gives out coloring books and where we can buy a ticket.


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