Oreo and Ritz Create a Collab for the Ages


A new sweet and salty collaboration may lead to your new favorite treat. Oreo and Ritz are coming together for an epic partnership that nobody saw coming.

The two sandwiched snack brands are teaming up to give away a limited-time snack called “Oreo x Ritz.” This is the first time that both brands, owned by Mondelēz International since 2012, will have ever worked together.

To break down this legendary treat, it’s one part Ritz cracker and one part Oreo cookie, joined together by a layer of peanut-butter-flavored creme and another layer of cookie creme. Sounds too delicious for words.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the limited-edition snack, the company is giving them out 1,000 packs for free starting May 26, 2022, at noon on their special website. Supplies are limited and there is a $3.95 shipping fee for anyone interested in nabbing the cookie-cracker collab.

In a press release, Alexis Yap, Ritz senior brand manager, said that the brand “has been exploring innovative partnerships” over the last few years and “couldn’t resist the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Oreo on a snack that’s part salty cracker, part chocolate cookie, and entirely delicious.”

Mondelēz International is a conglomerate that also owns Chips Ahoy, Triscuit and Cadbury. In early 2022, they expanded their baked goods portfolio by adding Chipita, a company that sells croissants and other baked goods in Europe.


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