Otters Turn Into Intense Personal Trainers


If joggers in Singapore need extra motivation to kickstart their workout regime, a group of otters is on standby to dramatically increase their stamina and endurance.

Lu Xiufeng, a 48-year-old mother, was out with her kids in West Coast Park when she spotted a woman running away from a group of seven otters.

Nothing is nearly as motivating as having your life on the line. The speed of the sprinter can reach record heights due to the fear of becoming a feast for the hungry mammals.

The frightened runner was screaming in terror. Within two minutes, the otters caught up to her. It remains unclear whether she was hurt, as the witness had to fend off otters herself. Some animals ran towards her, startling her children and forcing them to run away.

In the event of an emergency, every man for himself. Although at least ten people were at the park, no one moved an inch to rescue the lady. Her cry for help went in vain as people did not want otter teeth marks carved into their skin.

Fortunately, the otters ran back into the woods.

As for what triggered the chase, the jogger may have stepped on an otter. The protective adult otters felt provoked by the unexpected touch and chased after her in self-defense.

This incident is a warning for joggers in the park. Jogging can be therapeutic where they stick on their headphones and forget about the world around them. Just know that mindlessness can come at a cost. With the prevalence of otters, they may need to watch their strides to avoid becoming a snack.


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