Owner Watches Valet’s Parking Blunder


The job of a valet is to park guests’ cars safely and securely. Apparently, one valet didn’t get the message and took a risk with a guest’s car that didn’t pay off.

Monaco is home to several ultra-rich individuals who have multiple luxury cars at their disposal. A valet crashed a royal blue LaFerrari worth more than $1.1 million after presumably leaving it in gear. He also crashed the car while the owner waited on the pavement for the vehicle.

The incident took place in Casino Square on Avenue des Spélugues in the center of Monte Carlo. At first, the valet was able to maneuver the car through traffic into the parking area while the owner watched and waited. The valet eventually jumped out of the car with the engine still running.

Moments later, the hypercar lurched forward, slamming into a pair of scooters that were parked in front of it. Even with his quick reaction, the valet was not able to slam on the brakes fast enough.

What makes the whole situation worse is that the owner of the Ferrari witnessed the whole thing. He can be heard shouting “Are you f**king stupid,” before telling the valet to “get out.” That will surely be an expensive trip to the mechanic.


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