Pack Your Strangest Items for Vacation


Some individuals are guilty of overpacking for their trips away from home. For those notorious for stuffing their luggage where it looks like the zipper might pop open any second, consider taking a few items out. This advice is especially true if the suitcase contains prohibited goods.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has witnessed travelers trying to sneak in items that have been banned. Employees have photos to prove random items that people have tried to fly with in the past.

The TSA posted photos and witty captions on their Instagram account of some of the wildest items that airport officials have confiscated. Their social media account has attracted 1.1 million followers who find the page hilarious and informative.

Janis Burl, a team lead at the TSA’s marketing division, said: “If we stop something in the airport, a picture of it is taken because reports have to be filed. When we hear about the incident, either through T.S.A. spokespeople or from the airports themselves, then we ask for the picture.”

Burl believes that the puns scattered in Instagram captions help emphasize the point and retain the information.

Burl said: “If it takes humor to help you remember what you can and cannot do when traveling through security, then humor is what we will provide. Whatever the public is talking about, we want to talk about and we want to provide the public with a travel tip in the process.”

The following list provides a compilation featuring ten of the wildest items that did not make it to the plane.

  1. Throwing stars
  2. Cash in a slow cooker
  3. Knives hidden in a Darth Vader teddy bear
  4. A snake in a hard drive
  5. Bullets in soap
  6. A bazooka
  7. A cane sword
  8. Mannequin parts
  9. A harpoon
  10. A knife hidden in a car seat


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