Parking Situation From Your Worst Nightmare


Trying to find parking anywhere can cause a headache so when you have a spot to call your own, it comes as a relief. A man isn’t getting that same luxury even with his own spot after a neighbor threatened to call the police for parking outside his own home.

An ongoing parking dispute between the two households has led to this very moment. The unnamed man shares his home with a housemate and they have two cars between them. They have to share one driveway between the two of them while others have the luxury of two driveways.

On the other hand, the man’s neighbor has seven vehicles and a three-car driveway yet will still park in the way. She often leaves them without any room to park their one vehicle that won’t fit in their driveway.

The two households are said to both have available parking available on the fence line outside their properties so oftentimes the man will park at the fence while his housemate will take the driveway.

With nowhere to turn, the man posted his situation on Reddit, sharing his predicament and asking for advice. In one instance, he returned home after a night shift and didn’t have anywhere to park. Surprise, surprise.

Instead of blocking their housemate in since they had to work at 5:00 a.m., the man was forced to park behind three of the neighbor’s vehicles. Despite seeing him park, they “said nothing” about the incident until an hour later when one of them got into their cars and started blasting the horn.

“They then started texting me telling me if I didn’t move my car immediately they would call the cops on me and get my car towed. They threatened to call the cops and have one of our cars towed for an ‘expired’ tag,” the man wrote.

Apparently, this was the first and only time in seven years they’d blocked them in and came after years of the neighbour selfishly blocking doing the same thing.

People tried to leave helpful advice in the comments. One user wrote: “I would do this. If OP owns ten feet in front of the fence line, then it is private property and you can have them towed. It wouldn’t cost OP anything. Tow company would charge the people who own the car.”

Another commented: “Have them towed and get out the popcorn.”


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