Parrot Exposes Cheating Husband’s Affair to Wife

Honesty is a rare trait in humans but animals may be able to make up for the areas that people fall short of.

A Vietnamese man’s dirty secret with the housemaid was brought to light by a talking parrot. The bird, who caught the interactions between the man and the maid, reported the hookup to his wife. The parrot not only exposed the cheater but also played a key role in breaking up the couple. The woman filed for divorce after learning about the adultery.

As the story goes, the couple owned a furniture business and needed an extra hand with the housekeeping so they outsourced the work to a live-in maid. They hired a lady based on a referral and gave her a spare room in their residence. Her room is located beside the pet parrot.

Six months later, the wife grew suspicious between the man and the maid’s odd behavior. Initially, the man was awkward around the maid and would dodge one-on-one interactions with the maid. However, after a few months, he started to linger more in the garden with the parrot on the rooftop.

One day, the woman showed up at the home earlier than her usual time and observed that her husband and the maid seemed to be secretive. The mysterious behavior felt unsettling to the wife and she began to have suspicions of an affair.

The wife was correct in the suspicions; a few days later, when she went upstairs to hang the laundry on the rooftop, the lady heard her husband’s parrot mimicking weird and explicit phrases. She knew that her husband wouldn’t have actually taught these phrases to the bird and it was more likely something that the parrot picked up from the steamy bedroom affair.

In order to get some proof, the woman set up a hidden camera in the maid’s room and the following week, she had footage of her husband’s infidelity. The wife also found out that the maid seduced him into getting a bigger paycheque.

The infidelity was a dealbreaker to the wife and she has filed for a divorce with the videos as proof of her husband’s cheating.