Pass the Mayo Flavored Ice Cream


A scoop of ice cream is just what you need during a warm summer day. The Ice Cream Project is attempting to broaden people’s taste buds with a variety of flavors normally found in a person’s pantry.

A a number of non-traditional ice cream flavors are the stars of the show, including ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce and baked beans.

“So we’ve taken British store cupboard classics and turned them into ice creams, so we have flavors like Heinz Baked Beans, mayo, ketchup, we also have Quaker Rolled Oats, PG Tips, all of the fun things that you usually get in your store cupboard,” Hannah Wearne, a retail associate at an ice cream provider, said.

Available in the United Kingdom until August 28, 2022, several people were excited about trying the unusual ice cream flavors.

“We came early this morning, we’ve been so excited the whole day and we had to come and try all these amazing flavors. I’m so impressed, it’s such fun and it’s great for the kids and yeah, we were excited,” customer Adrienne Konviser said.

“I tried mayonnaise and ketchup so far. The mayonnaise wasn’t good. The ketchup is a bit better, but they’re not as sweet as I would like because I’ve got quite a sweet tooth,” customer Saaliha Ledgister said.

Did anyone tell her these were savoury flavors? Instead of mayo and ketchup, maybe she should just stick to the classics like vanilla and strawberry.


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