Passenger Confused on Split Train


Using transportation abroad can be a learning process, especially for those who have never visited the country before. A man visiting the United Kingdom was shocked when his train “split in half” before transporting passengers to different locations.

For those unfamiliar with the term, when a train splits in half, it means that some of the carriages will part and head in a different direction. Most of the time, announcements will be broadcasted over the train’s speaker to warn passengers before it happens.

A Canadian visiting the U.K. was left heading in the wrong direction when his train split. He posted on TikTok about the incident, which included text that read: “First time riding the train alone in the U.K. and my train just split in half and I’m going the wrong way with three percent battery life and two pounds.”

He also captioned the video: “If you see me walking around Crawley with tears in my eyes please help a brother out.”

Fortunately, the man made it to his intended destination in the end but there was definitely some concern. Some people were actually shocked to find out that trains split in the first place. One person asked: “WAIT WHAT!?! TRAINS SPLIT IN THE UK?”

Another wrote: “Wait I live in London and trains split!?!?!?”

In this situation, being attentive to announcements and asking staff may have prevented this situation.


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