Pay Up or Clean Up


Jamie Young, a tree surgeon, was not ready to part on good terms when a customer refused to pay for the completed job on her lawn. No one likes to be the victim of a scam so he thought of a tactful way to seek revenge to teach the customer a lesson.

The cost of the service for hedge trimmings was $48 and the customer declined to settle the payment since her hedge was not pruned into her desirable shape. Young suspected something was not right when the customer hid during the trimming job and she was nowhere to be found after as well.

Four days after the service, Young received a text message stating their dissatisfaction with the tree trimming as it was uneven and unsymmetrical. She did not get her Christmas tree shape, and now she refuses to pay off her elf. Young was frustrated by this complaint as he told her before the job that this shape is impossible to attain.

Shortly after the complaint, Young and his employees ended up pouring more than a quarter of a ton of trimmings back into the customer’s lawn. The heaps of mess are the customer’s problem to sort out now.

Young told reporters: “This is what happens to customers who refuse to pay for a job.”

It was more about ethics than the monetary value of the service. Young shared his message on Facebook to emphasize that this customer behavior is unacceptable. He wrote: “This was a last resort to get my point across that it’s not on. It’s a bit of a sorry situation over £40. You’d expect it to be over £1,400 or £4,000, not £40.”

The video prompted a change of heart for the customer, and she offered to pay up for the outstanding balance. However, the company responded by saying, “you can keep your money, some of us aren’t that desperate.”

People jumped in to support the business. One user commented: “Good job lads. More people need to stand up to these non-payers. All your hard graft wasted.”

Another wrote: “Good one, I would have spent an extra 10 minutes and spread it all over the yard.”

An eye for an eye doesn’t always leave the whole world blind. Sometimes it’s an effective way to knock people into their senses.


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