Pay Up to Use the Bathroom


Nothing in life is free, including using a public restroom. A Guatemalan cafe has been catching some flack online after they were caught charging customers for using their toilet.

The La Esquina Coffee Shop went viral for charging customer Nelsy Cordova for her trip to the bathroom. Taking to Twitter, Cordova shared a photo of her receipt that included an “occupational space” fee.

Now, this isn’t necessarily unheard of. In several countries, using a public restroom will set you back a small fee to help pay for cleaning services or toiletry products. What people criticized in this situation was the lack of transparency involved.

The restaurant never included signs or let customers know that they charge for using the bathroom. Many people online labeled the charge as “scandalous” and shared their opinions of the incident.

One person wrote: “Wow, [I’m surprised] they didn’t charge for air in the restaurant.”

Another commented: “I’ve been there. I must say it’s so empty, I wonder if it’s because of this.”

After receiving a lot of backlash online, the cafe finally offered an explanation for the incident. In a statement, they said: “We regret the incident that occurred, it was a very serious, involuntary error, which has already been corrected in our system.

“[We are] already doing everything possible to contact the affected person to make said refund and compensate the caused damage, which should not have been done, since it is not in accordance with our principles.”


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