Peanut the Chicken Declared as World’s Oldest

A lot of chickens end up on the dinner table but the fortunate ones pick up a prestigious globally recognized title.

Marsi Darwin, a Michigan woman, was overjoyed to hear her pet chicken named Peanut was announced as the oldest in the world by Guinness World Records. According to the selections committee, Peanut is a Belgian d’Uccle/Nankin mix.

Dr. Julia Parker, the veterinarian who examined Peanut in 2003, confirmed the hen’s age to be at least 20 years and 304 days.


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Peanut has a full life with a bunch of grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in her coop. She’s going strong with her life span exceeding her offspring.

“I’m sure she has outlived quite a few of her children,” Darwin said.

Peanut had a rocky start in the beginning and her owner thought she wouldn’t survive the hatching.

“I ended up peeling it out of the egg. As the chirping grew fainter, I feared the chick would not survive. A pitifully wet, wadded-up mess sat in my hand. I wrapped it in a towel and carried it close to my heart as I set up a cage and mounted a heat lamp with one hand,” Darwin said.

Although she had a rough birth, the years that followed were happy and healthy. Peanut has a bubbly personality whose responsive to her name and always down for a cuddle.