Pee-Ew! Is That a Poo Stain?


When ordering clothes online, you honestly never know what you’re going to get. Most of the time, if there is a problem with the garment, it’s often sizing not a supposed poo stain in a “new” pair of shorts.

Suzanne Baum ordered a pair of shorts for her son from ASOS. She expressed her horror in an Instagram post where she said she immediately noticed a brown-colored stain on the back of the item that “looked and smelled like poo.”

Credit: Suzanne Baum

“Dear @asos as a hugely loyal customer for years I have always encouraged my older kids to use your website & spend their money wisely!” the journalist wrote. She also mentioned that her 21-year-old son opened the order for shorts and immediately smelled feces.

Several people were horrified by Baum’s post, with hundreds of people flocking to her comments section to express their utter disgust.

One person wrote: “I am not at all surprised. Everything about ASOS is now dreadful.”

Another said: “That’s disgusting. They have just lost a customer in me as well as a pair of shoes have only lasted one wear and no response from them!”

A spokesperson for ASOS has discussed the situation. “We apologize unreservedly for the experience Ms. Baum and her son had when shopping with ASOS.

“It’s clear this item fell far short of the standard we would expect to deliver. We’re investigating the issue with our warehouse team as a matter of urgency and have issued a full refund alongside an ASOS voucher as a gesture of goodwill,” they said.


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