Pee Freely in the Elevator


Have you ever wanted to go to the washroom badly but have you found yourself dancing around to hold in your piss since the nearest toilet felt miles away? Those urine struggles are now gone.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has launched a new program that allows people to urinate in the elevator. So go ahead and drench the elevator walls since there will be urine detection sensors in four downtown Boston elevators.

These sensors will immediately notify transit ambassadors. They will call a cleaning crew to prevent the next round of people from walking into a puddle of piss.

Meghan Collins, a program/projects manager for MBTA, said: “The sensors on the ceiling of an elevator have an attached fan, which allows them to suck in air and basically smell what is present.”

It is still a pilot program that requires experimentation and testing to see if it will be effective in controlling public urination. Monthly data will be collected before the agency makes a final call about whether to implement the program or not.

Collins added: “Public urination is not only unsanitary but can also damage elevators.” This program seeks to minimize the prevalence of public urination.

A similar initiative was successful in the past. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority released a program that activated strobe lights, alarms, and alerts to MARTA police when urine was detected in an elevator. After the urine was detected, the elevator was closed for cleaning. This program was successful, and it was expanded to other areas.

This new initiative leaves the users pondering over one serious question. How about going number two?


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