Penguins Refuse New Fish After Switch


Inflation is causing several people to rethink purchases, including a Japanese aquarium. The aquarium is trying to switch its penguins over to a diet that consists of a cheaper kind of fish. The birds are not having it though.

Officials at the Hakone-en Aquarium, southwest of Tokyo, said they switched the penguins’ diet of aji to a cheaper variety of mackerel since the price of aji has spiked over 30 percent in the last year.

“Even if they’ll take it in their beaks, they’ll just spit it out,” said Hiroki Shimamoto, the head zookeeper at the aquarium.

A solution the team has come up with is attempting to mix the cheaper fish with some aji. Obviously, the penguins would like to have their full meal be of aji but they’re not the only critters that prefer aji over the cheaper option. Keepers said the otters have also shown stubbornness towards the new fish.

“We could raise the admission fee to the aquarium and fix this issue, but we would like to do our best to keep our facility a comfortable place for our guests to visit. We do not plan on raising admission prices,” Shimamoto said.


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