Penis Art Display Spotted In Family Park


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you may need to get your head out of the gutter to appreciate this artistic creation.

A nature trail in Yorkshire Park, United Kingdom, had people stunned with its twenty-foot wooden statue of a penis. The family-friendly trail left people baffled by the sexual nature of the sculpture.

The creation was originally on display in Beaumont Park in Huddersfield. It is one of the art pieces on display as part of its Nature Story Trail.

The statue was sculpted by artist Heather Crompton using a tree stump for the formation and features intricate images of animals such as rabbits, woodpeckers, and foxes.

Crompton may have attempted to create a natural masterpiece but people are interpreting it as the human body part on display. The statue resembles a penis, and people can’t seem to get past the sexual representation.

Ladies admire the display and one woman joked: “Us ladies appreciate the artwork and don’t want it to flop.”

On the contrary, a person questioned the government tax allocation. He said: “I mean come on…is this where our council tax is spent? On giant d****s?” Taxpayers can enjoy this view on the weekends to make up for the taxed income.

Overall, people enjoyed the art piece despite the few critical remarks. People felt lucky to be able to witness the making of the artwork.

Hazel Roebuck said: “We had the pleasure of watching these talented artists at work… congratulations! It is a beautiful addition to Beaumont Park.”

The sexual display is not all bad. Art is a powerful tool that expresses the sexual desires that are commonly repressed. Although the artist’s vision and intention remain unknown, we can catch a glimpse of a penis outside the closed doors.


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