Penis Transforms Into a Butterfly


Two individuals were assigned a new task where they had to get their creative juices flowing to mask a large display of vandalism on the Tour de France cycling course. The tour attracts a national audience and the penis graffiti can be appalling to sports viewers.

Not all hope is lost. Pop-up graffiti paves the way for an innovative art design and the tour route became a canvas for the masterpiece.

The artists began to alter the design of the graffiti with their paint tools. The male genitals morphed into an owl, then a butterfly, which is more appropriate for the public event. Families can appreciate the art creation without covering the eyes of their children.

ASO, the Tour de France organizers, meticulously plan the event to ensure it runs smoothly. The audience is approximately 785,000 individuals across Europe and the tour will only be televised on Eurosport.

Tadej Pogaca, a Slovenian rider, describes his experience on the tour. He said: “For me honestly the hardest part of racing is being away from your home so much. It’s our passion and we live a good life.”

Cyclists can enjoy the tour and catch a glimpse of the art design as they ride along the cycling route. This scenario will be one of the rare instances when a butterfly did not originate from a caterpillar.


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