Pennsylvania Home Listed for $297,000 Includes Cave


Seemingly normal to the eye, this Pennsylvania home is anything but ordinary. A wooden door doesn’t lead to a wine cellar, walk-in closet or furnished basement. Instead, it leads to a huge rock-walled cave. And at a steal in this market for $297,000.

Originally, Century 21 listing agent Natalia Latsios didn’t think much of the cave until she saw it for herself. “I was picturing something way smaller, but this cave was almost 40 feet long,” she said.

According to Latsios, the cave already existed when the current seller purchased the property. Apparently, it used to connect to other tunnels that ran all over town. That doesn’t sound creepy at all.

There has been speculation as to what the cave was actually used for. A few of the suggestions were that the cave was once a part of the Underground Railroad, a bomb shelter, or even a secluded torture chamber.

Outside of the very large, very distracting cave, the home is a mix of modern styles with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The seller rebuilt most of the three-bedroom home and he and his late wife raised their four boys there. Homes in the area sell anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000 for historical homes.

The listing was shared to Zillow Gone Wild, a popular Instagram account that posts unusual properties for sale. People flooded the comments about the insane cave.

One user wrote: “I like how they put those pics in the middle, then continue with the rest of the home tour like they didn’t just show an absolute dungeon hidden behind that door.”

Another commented: “I mean, if they want to sell it, they should advertise it as a time-out room, guaranteed to make your children listen.”

Latsios insisted that the right buyer is out there somewhere: “It’s certainly not a space for everyone, but there will be someone out there who will appreciate the historical value of the home.”


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