People Bid Thousands for Clump of Grass


This isn’t just a clump of regular grass. No, this is a clump of grass from one of Liam Gallagher’s recent gigs at Knebworth, marking the singer’s return to the venue after 26 years.

Gallagher first played two historic shows at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire in 1996 with Oasis, the band he and his brother rose to stardom with. For over a decade, Liam and his brother Noel have been at wit’s end, refusing to speak to one another since the band’s infamous breakup.

During the band’s heyday, they sold a quarter of a million tickets to Knebworth over two nights, with many others missing out on seeing them. Gallagher returned to Knebworth as a solo artist, playing two shows people were itching to attend.

To commemorate a Gallagher return to Knebworth, one crafty fan decided to take a chunk of grass and add it to eBay to see what would happen. At first, the bid for the turf was set at five dollars.

The listing has since gotten out of hand, skyrocketing to 114 bids and the highest offer sitting at around $81,000. Over $81,000 for a clump of grass!

David Watson was the cheeky concert-goer who listed the item. When asked about the listing, he said: “I jokingly said I’m going to pick some grass and put it on eBay, and when we were watching one of the acts, I grabbed some and put it in my shorts.

“When I got back, I whacked it on for a fiver, and now it’s accrued tens of thousands.”

He added: “There’s a bloke selling his bouncy castle business for £20,000, and I told my girlfriend if I get paid, I’ll buy that as it’s the only way to make money with inflation at the moment.”

It’s unlikely the person with the highest bid will put their money where their mouth is considering other sellers have listed Knebworth grass for as little as 99p or $1.24.


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