Pepsi Fan to the Max


The age-old question of Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi haunts everyone. This Italian man is clearly a Pepsi fan, with a collection of 12,402 different Pepsi cans.

Christian Cavaletti originally earned the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Pepsi cans in March 2004. Back then, his collection was a mere 4,391 pieces. Nothing like the 12,402 can collection he has today.

Cavaletti said he and his brother, Edoardo, began collecting Pepsi cans in 1989, after becoming enamored with the Back to the Future movies. The brothers collected items related to the films, including a futuristic can of “Pepsi Perfect” from Back to the Future Part II. This is where the Pepsi collection started and it has yet to stop.

Credit: Christian Cavaletti/Guinness World Records

The brothers then branched out into collecting Pepsi cans, which are now on display in Cavaletti’s basement. He owns cans from 81 different countries, with the oldest dated from 1948, the first year the beverage was sold in a can.

Cavaletti is now planning to turn his collection into a mini museum, which makes sense given the history and story behind each piece.

“More than 15,000 different cans will be displayed, but day by day, the number will increase, making each visit a unique experience, even after several times,” Cavaletti said.


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