Pest Control Worker Urinates in Family’s Living Room

The real pest may be the exterminator.

Roger Young, a 67-year-old pest control worker in Cambria County, has been caught urinating inside a family’s living room. Young is the owner of a small business called Young’s Pest Control and he has been charged for urinating at an unusual spot.

Officials with the Hastings Borough Police Department have filed charges against Young after his urinating incident was captured on the home surveillance camera.

Young was hired to spray pesticides inside a home at the Haida Village Apartments. He wasn’t a new contractor as the apartment complex manager told investigators that they use his services for all pest control jobs. Unfortunately for this particular family, the pests weren’t the only thing he sprayed.

According to the family’s statement, one of the tenants had left the apartment on the day of the service and the other people were sleeping upstairs. When the tenants later replayed their surveillance camera, they saw Young scanning the area to make sure the coast was clear, then he dropped down his pesticide container and began to urinate.

His only offence wasn’t unzipping his pants as Young was seen entering the apartment and “tormenting” the tenants’ cat.

Young confessed to urinating inside the apartment and admitted to turning the living room into a toilet after having a bad day. Police filed “charges of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct against Young.”

The tenants were frustrated after having to replace the carpet, couch and other belongings. His pest control service ended up costing the victims over $4,000. It’s safe to assume that he’s not coming back for future contract work.