Pet Shop Sells Dead Birds


Drop your phones. You don’t need to call animal rescue to report this scenario.

Bird-lovers are in for a treat with this viral TikTok video that features a bird lying upside down in its cage playing dead. The video accumulated over 14 million views with people becoming fans of this trickster.

People who were passing by the store had to do a double-take when they spotted a bird appearing to be lifeless. The staff had to reassure the store visitors that the bird is not dead — it’s just dramatic. The bird feels comfortable and relaxed in a morbid position.

Due to the constant inquiries about the bird’s health, the store put a sign up on display to calm people’s nerves. After all, they are not ready to face animal cruelty charges. The sign reads: “Don’t worry, I’m not dead, just dramatic. I act out for attention”

The video showed proof of the bird playing around before rolling onto its back. It’s definitely alive to prank people for many more years to come.

A commentator defended the store: “This is the bird where my daughter works… this baby is sooo spoiled by their staff who takes amazing care of this sweet baby.”

Millions of viewers fell head over heels in love with the bird and expressed hope for the bird going to a loving family soon. In the meantime, his mischievous acts can entertain store visitors.

One user wrote: “He deserves the attention.”

Another added, “Big personalities. I love it.”

What’s there to hate about a bird who loves to play dead?


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