Pigeon Discovered 4,000 Miles From Home


Pigeons can be quite intelligent animals, carrying messages from all over the world. One homing pigeon got a bit confused and flew away from home, being discovered around 4,000 miles away in the United States.

Bob the racing pigeon was supposed to end up in Guernsey, England, when he was released. Instead, he missed his mark, leaving his family extremely worried about his whereabouts.

An elderly man discovered Bob sitting in his garden in Mexia, Alabama. After getting annoyed that the bird wouldn’t leave his garden, the man phoned a local animal shelter to come remove the animal. The rescue proceeded to check out the microchip and band on the bird, which told them he was supposed to be in England.

“Crew member Monica Leigh Morris followed the man to his home and was able to safely catch this beautiful bird. After arriving back at the shelter both Monica and another crew member Megan Bryan started working on tracking down the owner.

“They were able to get the numbers off the band, but also used our microchip scanner to help track down a webpage called North of England Homing Union. The ladies follow the instructions and were immediately contacted back by the owner – 4,000 miles away in north east of England!

“We are currently working on a game plan to return this champion pigeon to its owner, which was extremely happy to hear from us,” said a spokesperson for the Monroe County Animal Shelter.

The shelter said that the bird was in good condition, despite being a little bit underweight and having some oil on his feathers. Bob is safe and has been enjoying his food since arriving at the shelter.

Alan Todd, who lives in Tyne and Wear, is the owner of the bird. He suspects that the bird landed on a ship that then carried it across the Atlantic. He plans on reuniting with Bob and plans to travel to the USA to get him.


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