Pilot Hates Nudes on His Flight


A pilot needs to focus on flying the plane as the lives of hundreds of passengers are on the line. Distractions targeted toward the pilot can pose a threat to everyone that is on board the aircraft. A pilot working for Southwest Airlines did not want to divert his gaze from the cockpit to nudes. Passengers should save the seductive nudes for a lusty lover or creepy stalker.

The pilot threatened to cut vacation plans short on a Southwest Airlines flight to Cabo, Mexico. He stated that everyone is going home if the nude photographs did not stop circulating via AirDrop.

Passenger Teighlor Marsalis took a video of the announcement and filmed the pilot demanding that he will have to pull back into the gate with everybody going to have to get off the plane. He was ready to get security involved to put a rest on his sore eyes.

Sometimes pilots have to parent their passengers with threatening statements. The frustrated captain took the anonymous sender on a guilt trip by saying that “everyone’s vacation is going to be ruined” if the nudes kept flooding people’s phones.

Other TikTok users got a good laugh out of this parenting situation up in the air. A user wrote: “This feels like my mom turning around in the car to me and my twin sister “IF YOU 2 DONT STOP I SWEAR TO GOD…”

It’s hard to resist cracking a sexual joke out of this dramatic situation. Another user added: “Everyone’s gonna have to get off huh?”

A different commentator wrote: “Pilot was probably airdropping them to his mistress and messed up so he needed a cover.”

For Android users, get an iPhone. Avoid letting the opportunity to get nudes from a stranger slide.


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