Pizza Boss Dives Into Customer’s Dumpster


Connor Calland, the owner of EborCibus Pizza, had to put his detective hat on when a customer tried to scam the restaurant with a false “missing meal” claim. The food order had a bill of $31 for a 12-inch ‘Solar Goat Pig’ pizza, buffalo blue chicken loaded fries, and mozzarella dippers.

Calland received an email from Deliveroo, an online food ordering company, two days after the order that the customer did not receive their food. Deliveroo supported the customer’s claim and processed the refund. Deliveroo held the restaurant accountable for the missing delivery.

Calland inquired with his staff members about the delivery and they confirmed that the food was delivered successfully. Two contradictory claims led Calland to investigate on his own.

He visited the delivery address and got his hands dirty by digging in the customer’s dumpster for any food remains. He stumbled upon containers covered in buffalo sauce from the loaded fries. That was sufficient evidence, and Calland decided to confront the customer by knocking on his front door. The housemate informed him that the customer was not home.

Calland was unwilling to brush this issue off because it is a persistent problem for the small-business owner. The restaurant receives many fraudulent complaints about deliveries that costs the business $60 to $125 every week.

Apart from the financial loss, the dishonest claims negatively impact the business’s reputation. Calland was determined to take this issue public by demanding a 750-word apology letter confessing the lie.

The owner received an email from the embarrassed customer that read: “I am very sorry about the actions that took place on Tuesday the 15th of February involving the refund. I am very naive and young and therefore my actions were unintelligent and uninformed. I have since regretted them greatly and feel terrible.”

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “Deliveroo takes customer service extremely seriously and, in this case, a refund was issued to the customer in line with our policy. Whilst the restaurant was initially billed for the order, we have since spoken to them and decided not to take payment on this occasion.”

A spokesperson for EborCibus Pizza said: “It’s regrettable that certain people fraudulently take advantage of goodwill and trust. We had to investigate this matter fully because this isn’t unfortunately a one-time occurrence, it happens on a daily basis to small businesses around the U.K.”

Free pizza? Think again.


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