Pizza Company Mocked Over Website Blunder


A pizza company is being accused of having the “worst name ever” after a major blunder when choosing its name and website URL.

Welsh Italian Pizza had a recent stop at The BIG ICC Wales Wedding Fair in South Wales where they served hungry customers with their delicious wood-fired pizzas. They proudly displayed their website on the top of their banner, which read or as it looks in capital letters, “WEL SH*T ALIAN PIZZA.”

This name flub reminded several people about the launch of Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle. In 2012, the hashtag that was created to promote her new material was #susanalbumparty. You can definitely see how that caught some people’s attention.

A spokesperson for Welsh Italian Pizza said the company hadn’t planned for the mistake to happen. Oftentimes, they use different colours or title case, so the start of each word is a capital letter just to make it easier to differentiate between the words.

“We were aware you could read the URL differently if we didn’t use camel case or colours to separate the words, but we did feel it would bring a bit of fun to people when they spot it.

“It wasn’t originally planned like this as we do use camel case and colours to separate in most of our marketing. But for the gazebo, which is mainly aimed at street food events and festivals, we thought it would be a fun thing to do,” they said.

The post was originally shared on LinkedIn by someone who attended the event. Their caption read: “Possibly the worst domain name URL I have seen. (unless anyone knows of a better – sry worse one?)”

Users quickly took the comments making silly quips like “Is alien pizza vegan?” A handful of people couldn’t even figure out where the spaces should be. One person even wrote: “It took me several read-throughs of the domain name to work out where the spaces were really supposed to go.”


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