Pizza Delivered to Mount Fuji


You can crave pizza from almost anywhere and apparently it can get delivered there too. A pizza delivery man was spotted at the top of Mount Fuji in Japan delivering a Domino’s pizza. That’s what you call customer service.

A picture of the dedicated delivery man was posted on Twitter with the caption: “I climbed Mount Fuji yesterday and there were people ordering Domino’s pizza.”

In reality, the man wasn’t actually only there delivering pizza but a climber dressed as a delivery man. Dubbed the “Cosplay Mountaineer,” by day, Umanami Futoshi is a regular company employee but his hobby is mountain climbing.

Every time Futoshi climbs a mountain, he wears cosplay to confuse other climbers. Although he did actually bring a pizza that day, he’s also an experienced climber who also brought along the equipment necessary for mountain climbing.

“Last year around this time, I got an Uber bag. I thought it would be fun to climb Mt. Fuji with it, so I climbed Mt. So, I started climbing in this outfit. Everyone was telling me to do my best, so I became energetic and it became easier to climb.

“I’m enjoying cosplaying, and I’m preparing a new work when I’m planning to climb Mount Fuji this weekend,” Futoshi said. It should be interesting to see what Futoshi pulls off as his next confusing climbing cosplay.


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