Pizza Hut Bathroom Sink Heist


When most people are looking to rob an establishment, it’s often for cold hard cash. Bathroom sinks definitely aren’t the first thing to come to mind, which makes this story even stranger.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at a Pizza Hut in Lehigh Acres, Florida, about a suspicious person. Employees explained to officers that a man had walked into the restaurant asking to use the bathroom. Thirty minutes later and he still hadn’t left the bathroom.

An employee knocked on the door and asked the man if he was alright. In doing so, they noticed water was coming from under the door and beginning to flood the lobby. That’s when the man was asked to leave and he remained in a car in the parking lot.

Authorities arrived to find the entire front of the building completely filled with water, as well as the bathroom sink removed from the wall causing thousands of dollars in damage. Deputies tracked the man in the parking lot, determining he was the culprit by his soaking wet clothing.

Pizza Hut was forced to shut down for the remainder of the day while they determined the next steps to fix the sink. It’s estimated that repairing the damage would cost over $1,500. To ensure his safety and the safety of others, the man was taken to the Lehigh Acres Regional Medical center for an evaluation.


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