Pizza Hut Brings Back Popular Throwback Fan-Favorite

Everyone has a taste for nostalgia these days and some foods we ate as children or young adults can definitely be included in this. Pizza Hut has also now jumped on the nostalgia train, announcing that it plans to bring back a fan-favorite from the nineties: The Big New Yorker.

Fans have been begging the pizza chain for years for The Big New Yorker to return to the menu. Some of its most avid fans even created a Change.org petition demanding Pizza Hut to bring it back. The company listed and they’re not bringing back the 16-inch pie 24 years after its initial launch just in time for the Super Bowl.

“The Big New Yorker was a huge hit when we launched it in 1999, setting the stage for future industry innovations like Pizza Hut Melts and Detroit-Style pizza,” Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut, said. “At 30 percent larger than our large pizza, now is the perfect time to answer our customers’ requests and bring back The Big New Yorker in a big way right before the big game next month.”

Each pie comes with six massive, foldable slices made with sweet marinara sauce and Parmesan oregano seasoning, all meant to “mimic authentic New York pizzeria build.” Customers get to choose their own toppings and one order starts at $13.99.

Unfortunately, the item will only be available for a limited time. Those looking to take a bite of the classic will be able to order it starting February 1, 2023, but an end date has yet to be released. It surely can’t last forever though.

Source: https://www.change.org/p/pizza-hut-please-bring-back-the-big-new-yorker-pizza-to-pizza-hut