Plane Clips Truck During Freeway Crash


Planes flying low aren’t out of the ordinary when it comes to living near an airport but it can be terrifying when they show up out of the blue.

Firefighters from the Corona Fire Department had to battle a blaze when a place clipped a pickup truck and crash-landed on a freeway. The truck driver escaped the accident without any injuries.

The Piper PA-32-300 plane had to make a forced landing on State Route 91 in Corona, California, according to the Federal Aviation Administration and the California Highway Patrol. The pilot was bound for the Corona Municipal Airport from Catalina Island and reported a mechanical fault.

The plane collided with a Toyota Tundra pickup truck as it approached the freeway, which sparked a fire that ripped through the six-seater aircraft. The two occupants of the plane managed to free themselves from the wreckage by the time the firemen arrived.

Pilot owner Andrew Cho said: “I’m ecstatic to be alive.”

The Corona Fire Department posted a video of the accident on Facebook, which showed the burning airplane and thick smoke rising into the air. A firefighter is also seen dousing the flames with water.

The plane was a complete write-off and the remaining wreckage was cleared later that evening.


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