Police Complete DNA Cookie Test for Evidence of Santa Claus

Does Santa Claus actually exist? That was the question from a young child who wanted to get to the bottom of the situation.

The Cumberland Police Department granted the request of a young Rhode Island resident asking if they could have the remains of a cookie and some carrots DNA tested to determine if Santa Claus bit them. The police posted about the ask on its Facebook page.

Credit: Cumberland Police Department

The local police department received a letter this month from “a young investigator” seeking to have a partially-eaten Oreo cookie and some baby carrot sticks DNA tested to identify whether they were indeed eaten by Santa Claus on December 25, 2022.

“This young lady obviously has a keen sense for truth and the investigative process and did a tremendous job packaging her evidence for submission. We will do our very best to provide answers for her,” Chief Matthew J. Benson said.

The food was given to the State of Rhode Island’s Department of Health Forensic Sciences Unit for analysis. While the Cumberland Police Department was awaiting the test results, they provided the girl with uncovered evidence in support of Santa Claus’ presence in her neighborhood the night of Christmas Eve, sharing a photo of a deer in the area on the same night.

The Rhode Island Department of Health did confirm that it was not able “to definitively confirm or refute the presence of Santa.” The department posted on social media that “we all agree that something magical may be at play.”