Police Investigate a Man Performing a Random Act of Kindness

A pot of gold delivered by a man with a heart of gold doesn’t always sit well with suspicious cops. Police officers in Hanover, Ontario, Canada, have the duty to serve the public and alarm bells went off when they saw a man handing out chocolates to a child.

Hanover police witnessed a “suspicious older male” who confronted a young boy after school and offered a box of ‘Pot of Gold’ chocolates. When the student refused to take the chocolates, the man kept pushing the box his way, saying that it could be for the child’s mother.

So why was he so adamant about feeding this boy some sugar? Turns out there wasn’t anything worrisome in his behavior, he was just participating in Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Police officers closed the case after discovering that the hand-outs were only an innocent gesture with no ill motive. In a new release, police declared the man’s intentions “were genuine and pure.”

“The male was motivated by Random Acts of Kindness Day and handed out chocolates to people of varying ages for those reasons,” Hanover police said.

The moral of the story is a kind gesture can sometimes land an awkward encounter with the police. Just devour the chocolates at home.