Police Officer Arrested After Throwing Cheeseburger at Wife

Cops aren’t always the best at leading by example. In South Florida, an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department ended up throwing a burger at his wife during a violent marital conflict in their home.

Andres Perez, 34, and his wife had been disputing about “financial and infidelity issues” when things got out of hand. The furious officer barged into the kitchen towards his wife and then tossed a cheeseburger at her.

Credit: The Smoking Gun

It wasn’t just the cheeseburger assault that was the problem. He became more abusive once his wife started to get under his skin. The spouse informed cops that Perez hit her with a closed fist “to the right side of the head behind the ear.”

The couple has been in a relationship for eight years and married for three of those years. They also have kids together.

After the domestic abuse, Perez was “booked into the county jail and charged with misdemeanor battery.”