Police Officer Gives Driver a Spanking After He Did a Burnout

Spanking seems like an outdated form of punishment but apparently, police officers have added it to their repertoire. A deputy decided to give one naughty driver a spanking after he did a burnout at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan.

Zack Walker was with some buddies cruising Woodward when he was along burnout row and couldn’t help himself. An officer ended up approaching him about his behavior, which raised some eyebrows about how he dealt with it.

“It’s a 2005 Chevy Duramax (pickup truck),” Walker said. “Bigger injectors, different turbo, high flow kit. I was telling most people no then this one guy got the peer pressure out of me and I’m like, ‘Alright – I’ll do a little one.”

The 18-year-old continued: “The officer stepped out in front of me. And put his hand on my hood and said, ‘Sir can you get out of the vehicle for me?’ I’m like, ‘great.'” “I thought he said ‘Put your hands behind your back,’ – So I put my hands behind my back and he goes, ‘No, bend over …’ and I’m like,” Walker added.

A reserve deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office proceeded to spank the teenager and left him with the message “Don’t do burnouts again.” While a video has circulated on social media of the act taking place, Walker said that the embarrassment of it all was much better than a ticket.

“If he was watching I’d say thank you, really,” Walker said.