Police Officer Sitting on Side of the Road Clocks 14 Speeding Drivers

When making sure you’re not going to get stopped by cops for speeding, most people are on the lookout for police cars. In a turn of events, a Wisconsin police officer sitting on the side of the road managed to clock 14 unsuspected drivers for speeding.

The Jackson Police Department posted on Facebook about their bizarre test. The post included a photo of the police officer on the side of the road sitting on a chair with a radar gun in hand.

The Facebook post read: “Fun fact: No one ever looks for the cop sitting by the side of the road, they only look for the squad. By the time drivers see the cop sitting by the side of the road, they already caught you speeding.”

With assistance from the sitting officer, 14 stops were made and warnings were issued to the drivers.

“Despite popular thoughts otherwise, the main goal of traffic enforcement is voluntary compliance with traffic laws, not revenue. Whether or not a citation is issued depends on the severity of the violation as well as driving history.”