Police Officers Detained After Connection to Drug Deal

Cutting corners will only end up biting you in the behind. Six police officers were detained in Trinidad and Tobago for their connection to a drug deal.

Senior police officials confirmed that five police constables and the corporal were detained by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) at the Arouca Police Station on suspicion of misbehaviour in public office and probable solicitation. The alleged incident took place near the end of October 2023.

According to the investigation, officers from the Northern Division Task Force (NDTF) allegedly went to the home of a reputed drug dealer in East Trinidad where they recovered a quantity of marijuana, cash and camouflage uniforms. Instead of seizing the items and arresting the drug dealer, the officers asked the man for $60,000 cash not to seize the items.

The reputed drug dealer later paid the officers $50,000 in cash to return the seized items and let the man go. The next day, the drug dealer made a report to the PSB, telling them that the unit had blackmailed him.

After a week of investigations, the officers were held for questioning about the incident. This isn’t the first time that the PSB has had issues with its police officers. According to Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher, over the last two years, 55 police officers have been charged.