Police Ridicule Man for Buying Celery He Thought Was Pot


In a viral video on Indonesian social media, a local man is sitting in a police station making a police report. The complaint? He had been scammed and sent celery instead of marijuana.

The man is seen holding a piece of paper, which contains the drugs he supposedly purchased. However, what the man really purchased was not marijuana at all. It was celery leaves, mixed with some regular grass.

The video shows police laughing at the man while listening to his report and was shot at the Palembang police station in South Sumatra.

According to a translation, the man said: “I bought it for 50,000 Rupiah (£2), sir. But it was only ordinary leaves.”

One of the other police officers informed the man that weed is classified as a drug and that he could be prosecuted for possessing it. Indonesia holds some of the strictest drug laws in the world.

Eventually, authorities decided to let the man go, local newspapers confirmed.

This isn’t the first time a similar event has occurred. In June 2016, Indonesia’s national narcotics agency arrested a dealer in Sukabumi, West Java, with the suspicion he was trafficking illicit drugs.

Police confiscated two packages of dried leaves, only to find out that they weren’t drugs. Dani Yus Daniel, head of the narcotics agency in the branch at the time, responded with: “The dried leaves were not ganja leaves. It’s fake.”


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