Pooping In Display Toilets, Woman Marries Herself, $10,000 Grass | KYN Tonight #9

In this week’s episode of Know Your News Tonight, Jimmy Van sits down with television/radio personality, YouTuber, professional film critic, and entrepreneur Chris Van Vliet to go over the top news stories that are funny, stupid and weird.

Topics Include:

Man Catches Catfish That Swallowed Sex Toy

Child Defecates In Hardware Store Display Toilet

Restoration Artist Completely Changes Prague’s Orloj Clock

Woman Has Wedding, Honeymoon With Herself

Frustrated Man Charges Phone At Power Company’s Office

Man Changes Mind In Middle Of Robbing Store

Rapper Sings About Committing Crime He Later Commits

Woman Releases Cockroaches In Courtroom

Concertgoers Attempt To Sell Grass From Event

Bad Excuse For Having Counterfeit Money