Popsicle or Pregnancy Test?


Announcing a pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone. For some women, the challenge is coming up with a new way to reveal the pregnancy to their partner.

A TikTok was posted that disturbed the internet when it showed a woman had frozen her positive pregnancy test in a popsicle before feeding it to her partner. The video was made from a handful of photos clipped together, showing the woman taking the popsicle out of the freezer before handing it off to her partner to enjoy.

As expected, people were completely grossed out by the TikTok video but also couldn’t stop watching. The video racked up an impressive 1.2 million views and several commented on the unhygienic move that caught many by surprise.

The first comment underneath the video is simply: “Divorce,” with another person writing: “I will venmo this man some money to help him file for divorce.”

Others commented “HELP THAT’S NASTY” and “Wrong. Just wrong.”

One eagle-eyed viewer actually pointed out: “I mean the test had the cover cap on it which covers the used part but still it is kinda nasty.”

Regardless of whether or not the cover cap was on the test, most people don’t prefer a side of urine with their sweet treat.


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