Popular Beach City Bans Sex Dolls

Having a little fun in the sun can mean a totally different thing depending on the group of people. A beach favorite area for bachelor and bachelorette parties, Malaga, Spain, is now set to ban inflatable sex dolls and penis crowns.

The ban comes after a reported rise in anti-social behaviour, often linked to these kinds of raunchy parties. The new rules intend to “preserve the public space as a place of meeting, coexistence, and civility that accommodates the plurality of expressions and diverse ways of life that enrich our city.”

City Hall lawmakers say police will first give a warning to any offenders asking them to comply with the new rules. Authorities are only meant to issue fines if they refuse. And these fines are very steep, with offenders seeing fines of up to $1,160. That could also be doubled if the offender is with a minor or disabled person or commits the offence in view of a school or playground.

The new law also states that it is “forbidden to walk or remain in the streets only in underwear or with clothes or accessories that represent genitals or with dolls or elements of a sexual nature.”

If you plan on visiting Malaga anytime soon, it’s best to leave the penis crown at home.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11420415/Inflatable-sex-dolls-blow-penises-BANNED-Malaga-crackdown-stag-hen-parties.html